Saturday, 4 May 2013


There is something about Spring...

I'm a hopeless romantic, a shameless enthusiast and an avid nature girl. I tend towards melancholy in the long winter months; but I don't suffer from it. It's a quiet melancholy, a sigh rather than a sob. I like to be lazy and read with hot tea, put on movies in the morning for no reason and lounge in my sweats all day. Springtime brings a burst of energy and JOY that I'm always giddy about. I throw open the windows and listen to the birds and bugs waking up. I smile a little bigger at my great neighbours, I play in the dirt with my kids... I am never bored of the emerging life that is visible everywhere you look in the north-eastern canadian spring. It's amazing that so much colour and potential is sleeping soundly under the grey snow for months and then with a few days of warm sun, it shoots up and unfurls and grows again. It is downright poetic and I'm always moved by the magic of it.

Our first days of real Spring meant a clean-up of our garden, which my husband cherishes. I like to plant once things are tidy (I know!). My son has been wearing work gloves for 4 days straight and I could barely get him to remove them for bath time. He thought it was hilarious that he could go outside without shoes on. My baby daughter is all smiles and giggles, hammering fist-fulls of dirt into her mouth every time I turn my back for a second. We all watch with interest the different birds that come to the feeder at home and try to learn their names. A visit to Quinn Farm gave us the opportunity to meet two new kids (baby goats!) who were hours old, nursing from their mother in the barn. Watching very young children experiencing the rebirth of this season is magnificent. Their unfiltered awe is really the most appropriate state to honour the great Mother that is Nature. Aren't we lucky to live here?

Here is: The first ice cream cone, new babies on the farm, a chicken friend, an outdoor playpen, joy in the hay, the mouthfuls of dirt, and general fun in the sun. These are just iphone on-the-go photos, but now that Spring is here, the camera is OUT. Stay tuned :)

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