Friday, 22 February 2013

Self Talk

This is a photo of me that my husband adores. I'm makeup-free, like most regular days, and it is unedited. It's saved in several places on our computer, he's printed it and it has appeared in the yearly family album. I would always cringe when I saw this particular shot of me. I happen to photograph very nicely and when I looked at this photo, I would see the dark circles under my eyes, my lazy/tired posture and the half-pyjama casual wear. The other day I finally thought to ask him why he kept going back to that picture.

"This is just very you, the real you. You look so happy" he said.

I considered this. He's absolutely right, I do look happy. It was a great day in the country and I WAS happy. How silly that I looked at this and saw a tired, sloppy person and my wonderful partner looked and saw the "real me".

Now I love this picture. I will not edit.

I usually edit a little, to show my client's best side and my own. A touch of colour, nicer skin tone, I erase zits...nothing crazy; I won't get hired at Maxxim. Should I try to show my best side? Sure, BUT I also want there to be evidence of the real me. The raw chicken wing (quote: Tina Fey). Not only do I want to have a photographic record of said raw bird, but I want to like the damn thing. Should I ditch the photos in which I appear tired? I AM F***ing tired! I'm doing a lot and I am pulling it off. I earned those dark circles and they are easily covered up by the wonders of makeup and photoshop when required.

Anyone can be painted and touched up to look like a million bucks.

Only I can pull off the "real me" ;)

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sharing a Room

I may be crazy...

I have this wild notion that my kids need to learn to appreciate, tolerate and communicate with one another. We decided that our little ones will share a room (when Harriette moves out of ours that is...).  I have no doubt my kids love each other, but I think it's a wonderful opportunity to learn a great deal about managing relationships. Kids who share a bedroom space are given an opportunity to practice so many skills and virtues, and I think they'll be closer and better for it. We'll see how it goes.

Here's the "everyday" photoshoot we had on a sunny afternoon, playing in the KIDS room.

You can click the photo to see the whole shoot and check out my making-it-lovely-on-a-budget decor ;)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Jack made me a mummy

These are somewhat dated favourites of my beautiful boy. I share these because they capture my Jack exactly the way I wanted to. The wild curl falling towards his big blue eyes, a tiny bit of toddler chubbiness and his sweetness. Sweet like candy, this boy... 
Just 6 months later he is all arms and legs, lean and fast. His baby fat is gone and he uses a potty. It all happens so quickly. You can never have too many photos.

dainty girl


My daughter, Harriette. Happy, sweet and chubby. In love with her big brother and papa. A tiny ray of sticky sunshine. She's just starting eating solids. It's my favourite show right now. I've called her dainty girl since she was tiny because she has these little precious feet and graceful ways despite her roundness. I'm so gaga for this girl.


Why capture the everyday stuff? Here's why I do it:

When I think about my childhood, I remember the wackiest stuff. The cold October day when we finally put our summer clothes away. My mother's jewellery and treasures placed on her dresser. The sun making warm patches on the hardwood floor... My past plays like a lo-fi movie in my head. I think nostalgia serves an important purpose; to turn our scattered images of the past into a collection of short stories. Stories that make sense (and hopefully make us smile or sigh wistfully *she sighs*) I love that I'm setting the scene for my children's memory movies. I think about this when I paint my home with bright, vibrant colours and when I set the table or tidy up toys. I feel like the designer, director and producer of the crafty little masterpiece of my family home. My house is rarely tidy, but I capture the details of our work and play in order to hang on to the "scenes" from these early days in my children's life. They might not remember that I place tiny surprises throughout the house to make them smile. They don't really care that I wash, peel, cut and serve fresh fruits and veggies for their midmorning snack on the floor for winter picnics... But I take pictures of all of it, so they'll know someday (and hopefully they'll call).

After lunch: block time

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Winter Wedding

Layal & Fred tie the knot. Their sweet daughter Mia oversees the event, stealing the show much to her parents' delight! I had the pleasure of shooting this beautiful winter wedding in Gatineau, Quebec at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club. The venue was a beautiful old building with hard wood everywhere, dangly chandeliers, and candlelight... It was SO romantic and I am a sucker for romance. I love the way a bride and groom add little touches to make their event something uniquely beautiful. The vows were exchanged as the sun went down and soft, fat snowflakes floated outside the windows. The party was rocked by a few talented friends and loved ones and the champagne flowed. This was a day filled with heart and humour. My kind of nuptials. Here's a taste: