Monday, 2 December 2013

The Best of the Season: Part One

I am a chilly gal. I wear a lot of wool and fleece. Not the most attractive uniform but I MUST be cozy at this time of year. I need my outsides to match my insides. The dark days settle in and we light up the cold winter with our spirit. Despite being constantly chilled, I'm a BIG fan of Christmas and the Holiday season. My family has to put up with my loud, expressive solo performances of holiday classics daily. I have such warm memories of holidays with my large extended family and it is even more fun now that I have my own little family. What a HOOT to see this magical time through the eyes of a child!! I'm going to post a lot of pictures this season, but probably few words. It's hard to describe something so fleeting and precious.

Happy Season y'all xo

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