Friday, 22 February 2013

Self Talk

This is a photo of me that my husband adores. I'm makeup-free, like most regular days, and it is unedited. It's saved in several places on our computer, he's printed it and it has appeared in the yearly family album. I would always cringe when I saw this particular shot of me. I happen to photograph very nicely and when I looked at this photo, I would see the dark circles under my eyes, my lazy/tired posture and the half-pyjama casual wear. The other day I finally thought to ask him why he kept going back to that picture.

"This is just very you, the real you. You look so happy" he said.

I considered this. He's absolutely right, I do look happy. It was a great day in the country and I WAS happy. How silly that I looked at this and saw a tired, sloppy person and my wonderful partner looked and saw the "real me".

Now I love this picture. I will not edit.

I usually edit a little, to show my client's best side and my own. A touch of colour, nicer skin tone, I erase zits...nothing crazy; I won't get hired at Maxxim. Should I try to show my best side? Sure, BUT I also want there to be evidence of the real me. The raw chicken wing (quote: Tina Fey). Not only do I want to have a photographic record of said raw bird, but I want to like the damn thing. Should I ditch the photos in which I appear tired? I AM F***ing tired! I'm doing a lot and I am pulling it off. I earned those dark circles and they are easily covered up by the wonders of makeup and photoshop when required.

Anyone can be painted and touched up to look like a million bucks.

Only I can pull off the "real me" ;)

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