Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Why capture the everyday stuff? Here's why I do it:

When I think about my childhood, I remember the wackiest stuff. The cold October day when we finally put our summer clothes away. My mother's jewellery and treasures placed on her dresser. The sun making warm patches on the hardwood floor... My past plays like a lo-fi movie in my head. I think nostalgia serves an important purpose; to turn our scattered images of the past into a collection of short stories. Stories that make sense (and hopefully make us smile or sigh wistfully *she sighs*) I love that I'm setting the scene for my children's memory movies. I think about this when I paint my home with bright, vibrant colours and when I set the table or tidy up toys. I feel like the designer, director and producer of the crafty little masterpiece of my family home. My house is rarely tidy, but I capture the details of our work and play in order to hang on to the "scenes" from these early days in my children's life. They might not remember that I place tiny surprises throughout the house to make them smile. They don't really care that I wash, peel, cut and serve fresh fruits and veggies for their midmorning snack on the floor for winter picnics... But I take pictures of all of it, so they'll know someday (and hopefully they'll call).

After lunch: block time

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