Sunday, 3 March 2013

The Final Season

This assignment was special and out of the ordinary for me. I was invited to shoot Mallory during her final weekend on the Concordia Women's Hockey team. What made it special, was the Lawton family. Hockey is somewhat of a tradition for them. Mallory has played at Concordia for 5 years; she ended her university hockey career as captain of the team and her dad coached her through the whole thing. Not only that, but her MOM was a player at ConU back in the day, where she met and fell in love with the young assistant coach at the time... and they lived happily ever after (and created some incredible athletes!!). When athletics runs so deep in a family, it becomes woven into the fabric of your narrative. Weekends spent at the rink, a passion for competition and hard work... Such great memories & values to share with your family! I was so honoured to get to capture such an important part of the Lawton legacy. Click read more for a few more shots from the final weekend of the season.

Stepping onto the ice, the last weekend as a Stinger

The Coach (aka: dad) watches carefully

Grandma watches proudly from the crowd
This gal is FAST 

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